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How to hire the best retail staff

Your free guide to finding, assessing, and hiring the right retail staff for your business.

The global retail industry is getting back to normal after COVID-19, but new employee turnover is also riding high: 60 to 75%, according to Korn Ferry. This spells a perfect storm for retail businesses – one that requires a fast response.

You are among the many retail businesses who need good workers, now. Statistically speaking, just under a third of your workers may be looking for a new opportunity. You need a reliable way to find applicants, vet them, and get them to stay.

In this retail recruitment guide, you’ll learn:

  • How different personality traits and behaviours impact job performance
  • The top personality traits, behaviours, and competencies of three of the most common retail positions
  • Data-backed insights on finding the best retail talent (from more than 100,000 retail staff interviews, conducted by our Smart Interviewer)
  • How to build out the desired personality profiles for your own role types

Plus, you’ll receive our free HEXACO job interview rubric, which comes packed with interview questions designed to help you find and hire the best candidates.

Get proven tips to help you transform your retail recruitment.

We’ve helped companies like Iceland Foods, Woodie’s, Virgin Media O2, and Holland & Barrett transform their hiring processes, bringing in top-notch workers that are more likely to stick around. Our Smart Interviewer is the magic solution, of course, but don’t worry – this guide is full of practical tips and insights you can use to hire the right retail staff, even if you don’t use our technology.

Learn from our proven success in retail recruitment

Woolworths’ average time-to-hire

More women hired by Woodie’s

Hours given back to Iceland Foods’ hiring team

“Interestingly, I’m just looking at our workforce profile and have been discussing the changes in diversity since we updated our recruitment approach last March. Not only have we hired three times more ethnic minorities and 1.5 times more women, but we now have twice as many LGBTQI+ colleagues in our business than we did three years ago! Other initiatives have played a part, but I’d imagine the game changer has been Sapia as we’ve had some direct feedback from a transgender colleague that they felt more confident with our recruitment process than they did in other applications!”

David Nally, HR Manager, Woodie’s UK