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Key interviewing trends in 2022: It’s time to fix what’s broken

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Interviewing is one of the most critical areas of talent acquisition, yet few companies measure its effectiveness or its impact on overall business strategies. Unfortunately, the interviewing process for many companies is inconsistent, impersonal, and filled with bias. It needs a big fix.

This report will help to answer:

  • Why should companies care about interviewing?
  • What are the right strategies for interviewing?
  • How can companies measure the ROI of the interview process?
  • What can candidates expect when it comes to the interview?
  • What role can technology play to give everyone a better interview experience?
And more!

Good interviewing is directly linked to your bottom line

The lack of proactive action by companies to improve their interview process, given the impact of the last two years, is really astounding,” says Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research’s Chief Analyst. “This is having a direct negative effect on their bottom line.

Although companies have shifted to virtual interviews, they must carefully consider long-term strategies, their culture around interviewing candidates, and providing a fair and equitable experience.”

Where most companies are struggling


Our interview process is too long


We have too many interview stages


We don’t use objective data


Our process is inconsistent

Companies are embracing AI in interviewing to deliver scalability, reduce time, and provide consistency. Blind interview solutions can also reduce bias. Candidates are embracing automated interviews as every candidate receives personalized learning from the experience. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of companies in the survey stated that AI provides a positive experience in the interview process and can support both managers as well as candidates by providing guidance and a fair process.

Ai is the key to unlocking better hiring outcomes

What do candidates really want?

With ghosting at record levels – and candidate experience at record lows – it’s imperative that companies understand what job-seekers expect from employers.

How to improve candidate experience with data | Sapia Ai recruitment software

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