HR tech implementation guide

How to successfully implement AI recruitment technology

According to estimates by Gartner, 47% of companies already use some form of Ai-based technology to aid HR operations – but many still do not trust the tech to do the job.

Let’s say you have made the choice to invest in Ai for recruitment, and you’ve expertly dispelled the Terminator objection. What’s next? How do you actually implement your solution, ensuring it is set up for success?

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In this HR tech implementation guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a compelling success story around your chosen tech
  • Get at least one (or one other) executive sponsor on board
  • Make a comprehensive stakeholder map for optimal project management
  • Get Legal team buy-in, as quickly as possible
  • Tips for smart budget management
  • Do integrations right, the first time
  • Decide if a pilot is right for you

And more!

Get proven tips to help you lead change at your company

As with any organizational change, having a solid narrative around its potential for success will pay dividends when it comes to getting stakeholders on board.

Crafting good stories is just as much the task of your provider as it is yours. The best ones – like us 😉 – will help you deliver solid (and, in many cases, amazing) proof-points to stakeholders, showing that the decision you’ve made is a good one.

Whether it concerns efficiency, candidate experience, DEI, cost savings, or some other objective, your provider should be arming you with the data you need to excite your advocates and silence your critics.


Learn from our proven success in HR tech implementation

Candidate Happiness Score

Chat Interview completion rate

Hours given back to Iceland Foods’ hiring team

“Interestingly, I’m just looking at our workforce profile and have been discussing the changes in diversity since we updated our recruitment approach last March. Not only have we hired three times more ethnic minorities and 1.5 times more women, but we now have twice as many LGBTQI+ colleagues in our business than we did three years ago! Other initiatives have played a part, but I’d imagine the game changer has been Sapia as we’ve had some direct feedback from a transgender colleague that they felt more confident with our recruitment process than they did in other applications!”

David Nally, HR Manager, Woodie’s UK

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