Talent Acquisition strategy guide

How to find your purple squirrels, fast

You know the story: You’ve been working with a hiring manager, for months, to fill a role. You’ve looked through hundreds of resumes, and have recommended dozens of candidates for interviews. The resumes look good, the qualifications are all there, and none of the initial phone screens uncovered any red flags.

When hiring managers become purple squirrel hunters, you’re in for a challenge. And thanks both to the Great Resignation and the Great Shift to Remote Working, many believe that the elusive squirrels are easier to find. We both know that’s not true.

In this Talent Acquisition strategy guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re really getting rejections for quality candidates
  • The hiring triangle and how to rebalance it, resulting in a more efficient recruitment process
  • Rethinking quality-of-hire, and two other metrics you can measure instead
  • How personality insights are your secret “Yes!” weapon
  • Why blind hiring technology (like our Smart Interviewer ;)) is better for diversity
  • The immediate financial benefits of our approach

And more!

Make diversity recruiting easy and cost-effective

Good recruiting is not about finding the ‘perfect’ person – it’s about finding the best candidate for your team. You can’t do that if your talent pool isn’t as diverse as possible. So you’ve got to blindfold your hiring manager. You have to remove names, faces, genders, geographic locations. This has worked incredibly well for Woodie’s: Thanks to our blind chat interview, Woodie’s has hired 1.5 times more women and 3 times more ethnic minorities. Download this guide to learn more.

Learn from our real results


Woolworths’ average time-to-hire


More women hired by Woodie’s


Qantas’ application completion rate

​​”I am a huge believer in the power of technology to effect change for both the individual and organisations, to remove bias and create more equality in the world, to dignify, to empower, to teach through feedback, and to save that scarcest of resource – time. Since meeting the team at Sapia two years ago I was impressed at their ambition to deliver to all of those aspirations and now we are seeing their technology have that impact for our own clients. Technology like this is the future of hiring.”

Michael Smith, CEO, Randstad Sourceright