How to complete your Video Interview

You’ll be sent a link to begin the interview to your email address. This will come from Simply click on the link in the email to begin your video interview.

You won’t see the questions in advance, however you will have the opportunity to retry each answer multiple times, and the overall interview is untimed, giving you plenty of chance to practise your answers before you record.

Answer as though you were speaking to an interviewer. The best way to answer behavioural based questions is to use the STAR format:

  • Briefly describe the Situation and the Task you were given
  • Explain the Action/s that you took in a moderate amount of detail
  • Provide a summary and the Result of the situation you are describing

There are lots of resources available online to further support you with any interview preparation you’d like to undertake.

Before you begin the questions you’ll find a test question where you can check your microphone and camera are working. If they’re not working, check our troubleshooting section.

You’ll get three attempts to record each question. Click the white Record button to begin. Once you have finished, you can play it back to check you’re happy with the response. If not, click the Retry button located next to the record button, and try again. Once you’re happy with your response, click ‘Save’.

Yes, you can take as many breaks as you want. Your interview is not timed, and provided you press Save at the end of each response your answers will be saved. You can answer a question, take a break, and continue without losing your recordings. You can also change a saved answer if you have enough retakes available too.

Yes. You can stop the recording at any point, and can re-record up to 3 times. However, when you press Retry you will permanently delete the answer that has already been recorded.

If you want to amend a recording but you have already pressed Save, click the Retry icon next to the video to re-record it with any attempts you have left.

Once you have begun, the Record button will change to Stop. You will also see REC next to a red button in the upper right hand corner of your video, and a timer in the bottom centre, as shown below. While you are recording the Play, Save and Retry buttons will be disabled.

Your response will only be saved if you have pressed the Save button after recording it. If you are mid-way through a recording and the browser window is closed your answer will not be saved. The time taken to upload your response will depend on your internet connection, but you will see the status in the window.

This is an example of a video that is still uploading:

This is an example of a video that has not uploaded:

If you continue to have technical problems and you have followed the troubleshooting instructions we are here to help.