The world’s Smartest Interviewer, that fits right into SmartRecruiters.

SmartRecruiters customers can now find and hire the best talent, super fast, using the only Ai Chat Interview tool on the market.

Paired with our non-AI Video Interview, and you’ve got a fully automated screening & interview process that 90%+candidates love.

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Candidate shortage? Not for SmartRecruiter customers.

In this market, your customers probably think their only option is to fill roles, fast, with whoever they can find. Spend more on job boards and cross their fingers.

But the average time to fill is still 41 days. And the more desperate they get, the more likely they’ll sacrifice quality.

We can, and do, get our customers the best talent in as little as 24 hours.

Rapid hiring velocity

When there’s less talent available, speed wins.

Screen, interview & assess at incredible speed and volume. Every candidate is interviewed, and your customers get top recommendations & insights automatically.

And with market-leading completion rates, SmartRecruiter customers can be confident they’re screening the widest possible talent pool.





A world-first candidate experience

Even the biggest brands can’t afford to give candidates an average experience. Our interviews are smart, simple and engaging. And every single candidate gets personalised insights in return for their time. How’s that for a Candidate Value Proposition?

It’s a far cry from a 4-stage assessment and interview process only to be ghosted at the end – because we all know that doesn’t work.


Finally, insights your customers are dreaming about

Even the biggest players can’t deliver on data. Bring your customers out of the dark with unique insights that give hiring teams visibility of diversity, candidate experience, efficiency and more.

Pinpoint bias, measure dropout through the entire funnel and read every single feedback comment, verbatim.



Adored by candidates and hiring teams


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Candidate Happiness


Completion Rate


Average hours saved monthly

Integration Demo

Available on the SmartRecruiters marketplace, Sapia integrates seamlessly. Check out the demo video to see how easily Sapia fits within SmartRecruiters, making hiring teams more efficient and effective. 



Value Proposition

At Sapia, we deliver on the big five: 

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Candidate Experience
  • Fairness, and
  • Intelligence.

Take 2 min to review our value prop video and see how Sapia fits with your customers needs.



Ideal Customer Profile

Our ICP is straightforward. Organizations with volume hiring needs, that are feeling the pain when it comes to Speed, Quality, Candidate Experience or Diversity. 

Check out our video for a closer look at the sizes and industries we work with best.