Case study: Solving volume hiring for Wolt

You need talent, now. Our AI Smart Interviewer is the answer. One tool to automate interviews for as many applicants as you need. Recommendations for top candidates within 15 seconds. Job ad today, offer tomorrow.

See how we solved volume hiring for food delivery giant Wolt.

Looong time-to-hire? No problem

Hire fast

Our Smart Interviewer comprises a two-stage chat and video interview process. Candidates come, they interview, and you automatically receive accurate recommendations from our Ai. From there, you can get offers to top candidates within 24 hours – before they leave, or take an offer somewhere else.

Quality-of-hire, solved

Hire the very best

Each and every candidate that meets our Ai Smart Interviewer is scored according to a weighted model that factors in your company values, as well as role-specific requirements.

Just how do we find the best talent? What makes our interviewer Smart? It’s a world-first Ai solution that analyzes written language (using a little thing called Natural Language Processing) to uncover personality traits, behavioral competencies, and communication skills.

In other words, all that good, indefinable stuff you find in the best employees.

Real, useful talent intelligence

Walk the data talk

We know how it goes: Hiring metrics are a pain. That’s why we work with you, at every step, to uncover everything you need to know about all the candidates you capture (plus a little extra).

You and your team will receive detailed candidate profiles, as well as more generalized analytics, like:

  • Offer rate and candidate quality
  • Interview completion rate %
  • Candidate satisfaction
  • Diversity through the funnel

Plus more. With all that data at the ready, you’re gonna look real good.

5x payback in 4 months giving back 8,000 hours to the business. Less than $0.01 per applicant to deliver 99% positive sentiment … a game-changer for Iceland!

Head of Talent and L&D, Iceland Foods

We’ve helped the world’s top companies hire faster and fairer


Average time-to-hire of a retail giant


Recruitment hours saved per month, av.


Increase in Qantas’ offer rate