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Quality of hire, solved

Our recommendations = better candidates

Thanks to its deep analysis capabilities, our Ai Smart Interviewer is able to match people accurately to the jobs most right for them. It does this by constructing a profile on each candidate: personality traits, experiences, soft skills, and more.

This means that you can trust every ‘yes’ recommendation our Ai makes. For one Sapia customer*, whose data is pictured here, our ‘yes’ candidates where twice as likely to exceed stretch sales goals. In this case, that resulted in $207k more in sales per year per candidate.

Churn, solved

Find the right people, keep them longer

Because our Ai finds the right people, it naturally follows that they’ll stay longer in their jobs. That’s exactly what happens.

We’ve cut non-regrettable churn for our customers by HALF. That’s a neat way to prove quality-of-hire, and prove it quickly. It also means you’re not wasting money by constantly hiring new staff that don’t fit your roles or values.

Abandonment, solved

Maximize your talent pool

The average application abandonment rate in the US is 89.4%. That means you’re likely losing out on swathes of talent before you get the chance to meet them, and you’re wasting lots of money on job ads.

Sapia’s application completion rate average is 80.7% across all customers. Some customers, like Qantas, enjoy a whopping completion rate of 93%. And job ad marketing is a part of the product offering. Easy as pie.

5x payback in 4 months giving back 8,000 hours to the business. Less than $0.01 per applicant to deliver 99% positive sentiment … a game-changer for Iceland!

Head of Talent and L&D, Iceland Foods

We’ve helped the world’s top companies hire faster and fairer


Average time-to-hire of a retail giant


Recruitment hours saved per month, av.


Increase in Qantas’ offer rate

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