Interview and win more talent than ever before

In our new remote-working world, it’s easier than ever to drastically increase your talent pool, your diversity, and therefore, your quality of hire. You only need the right tool: Our Ai Smart Interviewer. With Sapia, you can truly interview the world.

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Your best candidate sourcing strategy

Stand out from the crowd

No lengthy applications, no confusing job ads. Chat Interview, Video Interview, done. You can get offers to top candidates within 24 hours – before they leave, or take an offer somewhere else. It’s the only way to compete in today’s global jobs market.

Quality-of-hire, solved

Hire the very best

Each and every candidate that meets our Ai Smart Interviewer is scored according to a weighted model that factors in your company values, as well as role-specific requirements.

Just how do we find the best talent? What makes our interviewer Smart? It’s a world-first Ai solution that analyzes written language (using Natural Language Processing) to uncover personality traits, behavioral competencies, and communication skills.

Skill games and tests can be gamed. Our Ai finds the best talent through conversation, simple and honest.

Real, useful talent intelligence

Walk the data talk

Hiring metrics are usually a pain. That’s why we work with you, at every step, to uncover everything you need to know about all the candidates you capture (plus a little extra).

You and your team will receive detailed candidate profiles, as well as more generalized analytics, like:

  • Offer rate and candidate quality
  • Interview completion rate %
  • Candidate satisfaction
  • Diversity through the funnel

Plus more. With all that data at the ready, you’re gonna look real good.

Diversity and Inclusion

Smash your DEI goals

Because our Ai Smart Interviewer is blind, it can provably reduce the human biases that result in poor DEI outcomes. Names, faces, geographic locations, universities – none of that matters. Only skills, behavior traits, and relevant experiences.

Our customers are leading the way with DEI achievement and reporting.

How Wolt hires efficiently across 23 countries

Our Ai Smart Interviewer enabled global food delivery service Wolt to transform its recruitment. By hiring efficiently across 23 countries, Wolt was able to interview 2,000 candidates and hire 200 in the first three months of using our tech. They also secured an 8.8/10 Candidate Happiness Score and a 44-point jump in their NPS.

See our Wolt case study here

Designed for recruiters

Integrate easily with your existing tech

Our Ai Smart Interviewer platform is designed to integrate easily with the leading ATS and HR tech providers, like Workday, Smart Recruiters, SAP SuccessFactores, Lever, PageUp and more. We can build custom integrations, too.

We can get you hiring better with zero disruption to your daily processes.

5x payback in 4 months giving back 8,000 hours to the business. Less than $0.01 per applicant to deliver 99% positive sentiment … a game-changer for Iceland!

Head of Talent and L&D, Iceland Foods

We’ve helped the world’s top companies hire faster and fairer

Average time-to-hire of a retail giant

Recruitment hours saved per month, av.

Increase in Qantas’ offer rate

Demo today, deploy tomorrow

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