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The optics look good. Your hiring managers have all ticked off their unconscious bias training modules. The DEI budget is there. But goals are rarely being met. It’s not for lack of trying – most of us want the best, we’re just not sure how to get there. Here’s your map.

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If you want to discover potential

You need to interview everyone

No hiring team has unlimited resources, and as much as you’d like to give every candidate a fair and structured face to face interview, it’s simply not possible. 

Our Ai Smart Interviewer interviews every candidate for you, giving every single person the chance to succeed. Not only do you widen your potential talent pool, you give everyone a fair go.

A truly inclusive experience

Our Chat Interview is 100% blind

No information other than the candidate’s written responses are used in analyzing and scoring candidate interviews, ensuring the top of your funnel is truly bias-free for diversity hiring.

Hiring teams are given objective insights about candidates, encouraging them to make hiring decisions based on facts and data, and not gut feel. 

What’s more, we track and report on diversity metrics through the funnel, so you can measure diversity and identify if and where bias is occurring through the hiring process. 

Ethical Ai

That’s backed by published science

When it comes to an ethical Ai, we wrote the book. Our FAIR Ai for Recruitment (FAIR™) framework educates companies on how to assess Ai technology, and propels the potential and reliability of Ai further through sparking industry discussion. Sapia Labs, our data science and research arm, has published multiple research papers on mitigating bias in the selection process, and will continue to do so as we learn and improve over time. 

We provide full transparency in our Ai model development, learning and bias testing. Unlike other talent assessments, our Chat Interview has fairness requirements built directly into the model design. So rather than building a model and testing it for fairness after it has been deployed, our Smart Interviewer requires that its recommendations are fair using the 4/5ths rule before a model is approved for use. Super Smart, super fair.

We’ve helped companies smash their DEI goals


More ethnic minority hires


More women hired


More LGBTQI+ hires

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See our Smart Interviewer in action