Fast, instant bias checking

A professional bias consult for every hiring decision

Millions have been spent on training programs and inclusivity projects, but diversity remains an issue throughout organisations. Why?

We can’t escape unconscious bias. It’s a part of being human. Regardless of intention, hiring managers make judgements that aren’t as objective as they think, resulting in unfair and suboptimal hiring decisions.

Even the best doctors need professional consults from time to time. Give your hiring managers the same level of professional guidance.

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Impartial DEI compliance

Interrupt hiring bias in the moment

With a Smart Interviewer on your team, you can interrupt hiring bias as it happens, with a decision support tool that aids hiring teams.

By making a direct comparison with the unbiased recommendation from our Smart Interviewer, decision makers are simply asked to pause, reflect, and question.

  • Is their decision bias-free?
  • Have they truly assessed role-fit based only on objective factors?

Have a direct impact on bias at the time of decision through creating accountability for hiring decisions.

Rather than removing the decision from the hiring manager, our Smart Interviewer acts as an impartial third-party.

A lucky bonus

Check bias and enhance candidate experience

Here’s how it works:

  • Interview every candidate blind with our Smart Interviewer. A structured interview over chat that assesses for personality traits, behavioral competencies and communication skills.
  • Continue biz-as-usual – screen and interview candidates using your standard process.
  • At disposition, compare the recommendation & insights from our Smart Interviewer, and that of the hiring manager. Create a learning moment and the opportunity to course-correct.

The bonus: candidates know your process is fair; and every candidate receives personalized insights and career tips from our Smart Interviewer- boosting their confidence, and your employer brand.

Real, useful talent intelligence

Beautiful, unquestionable data to aid DEI

We know how it goes: Hiring metrics are a pain. What’s the point of changing your process if you can’t prove it’s impact?

We measure the fairness of our Smart Interviewers recommendations, and of your hiring managers decisions. Diversity through the hiring funnel is captured so that you can identify where bias could be occurring, and the impact our Smart Interviewer is having on decisions over time.

And because every candidate is interviewed, you’ll also be able to measure things like

  • Offer rate and candidate quality
  • Interview completion rate %
  • Candidate satisfaction

Helping you with more than just diversity. With all that data at the ready, you’re gonna look real good.

It’s done more to help us achieve our D&I goals than all our unconscious bias training!

HR Manager, Woodies Ireland

We’ve helped companies smash their DEI goals


More ethnic minority hires


More women hired


More LGBTQI+ hires

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