Your EVP starts with how you hire

Fact: If you give candidates a bad experience on application, chances are you’ll lose ’em before they’re even in the door.

There’s a better way to get the talent you need. Download our Candidate Experience Playbook to find out more.

Imagine if you could

Rave about your market-leading candidate experience

With our Ai Smart Interviewer on your team, you’ll give every single candidate an engaging, empowering experience with your brand, fulfilling that EVP from the moment they click ‘apply’.

It makes advertising your employer brand, really really simple.

Our customers have cracked the candidate experience code, enjoying application completion rates in excess of 80%, and candidate satisfaction scores of more than 90%. Everyone gets an interview, and no one is ghosted. Ever.

Now that’s something to talk about.

With smart automation

‘Fast’ doesn’t begin to describe it

With our Ai Smart Interviewer, you can have offers out to the best candidates in just 24 hours. This is an incredible value proposition for candidates who are applying for 5, 10, maybe even 20 jobs at a time and usually don’t expect to hear anything back.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every candidate interviews with our Ai over chat (and in return, gets personalised insights & tips – another tick for your EVP)
  • Shortlisted candidates auto-progress to a non-Ai Video Interview (which, candidates rate 9/10)
  • Hiring managers review the video responses and pick the best with the help of our TalentInsights profile.

There’s no space in this market to be slow. With Sapia, you can be radically fair, and radically fast.


Your candidates are your customers

Imagine if your next store assistant was right in front of you, or your cash register.

There’s a lot of potential walking around your stores, and with such a seamless, mobile first interview experience you can capture potential candidates in-store, or on-the-go.

Candidates can interview on the spot – but with a Smart Interviewer you ensure a consistent experience and fair interview process, while taking no time away from busy hiring managers.

Pop these bad boys on registers, receipts, carry bags .. wherever your customers interact with your brand.

Native candidate support

Simple, seamless, self-service

Our technology supports hiring teams and candidates from day one. Zero disruption, and totally user-friendly.
For one of our customers – data shown here – just 3% of candidates sought help during the interview process. Most were able to resolve their issues themselves, but 81% of the rest found their resolution within five hours.
Everyone loves that level of efficiency and service, and your EVP will shine brightly as soon as candidates experience it.

Designed with your end to end experience in mind

Integrated, and personalized to your brand

Our Ai Smart Interviewer platform integrates easily with the leading ATS and HR tech providers, like Workday, Lever, PageUp, eArcu, Kallidus, Snaphire, SmartRecruiters, SAP SuccessFactors, and more. We can build custom integrations, too.

Everything candidate-facing is personalized to your brand and your voice, so the whole experience is seamless. 

Try it out for yourself

See how our Smart Interviewer transforms candidate experience

It’s time to see it in action – our Smart Interviewer, the key to unlocking incredible candidate experience.
In just five minutes, you’ll experience the same chat interview that is loved by more than 90% of candidates.

Extra benefit: Once done, you’ll get a personality profile and personalized coaching tips. Neat, huh?

Give it a shot