Why Sapia.ai is the smart alternative to Paradox

See why enterprise organizations are choosing Sapia.ai’s smart hiring automation platform to screen, assess and interview their candidates at scale.

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Sapia.ai’s Smart Interviewer enables enterprise organizations to make smarter people decisions without bias. Built on a foundation of ethical and explainable AI, hiring teams love having an unbiased and intuitive co-pilot to support their hiring decisions, liberating them from manual screening tasks.

Candidates love the chat interview format, where they’re invited to be themselves without time pressure. Every candidate receives a profile with personality insights and career coaching tips that help them understand who they are. Sapia.ai distinguishes your employer brand and solves for hiring efficiency, talent quality, and diversity.


Paradox is a chatbot that automates an organization’s existing process of gathering candidate info during the application process. While producing efficiency gains, the candidate experience doesn’t lend itself to improved employer brand, and the tool is best suited for scenarios where quickly filling high-volume roles matters much more than the quality of hire. 

Implementation can be arduous and often rivals the timeline of a full ATS deployment. While the automation Paradox provides can produce efficiency gains, AI becomes truly powerful and empowering when it comes with unbiased talent intelligence – which is absent from the Paradox platform.

Why do companies choose Sapia.ai over Paradox?

It’s possible to have more than just a faster status quo. Why settle for speedy replacement hiring when it’s possible to hire quickly, fairly, and for fit?

Not a simple chatbot, Sapia.ai’s chat interview is an intelligent chat-based experience that screens, assesses, interviews, and delivers insights for candidates and hiring teams.

Be the reason the business falls in love with the recruitment team – because you can deliver the talent they really want to hire while saving everyone time along the way. 

With Sapia.ai, you can achieve game-changing efficiencies and trust that you won’t be filling the role again in a few months.  High turnover is a tax on everyone. Hire to retain, not just ‘to fog a mirror.’

Sapia.ai is the world’s first smart chat for hiring built on frontier science that’s peer-reviewed and published in world-leading scientific journals. Independently audited for bias, it’s ethical AI that you can trust. 

Paradox offers a visual assessment ‘Traitify’ that takes less than 2 minutes to complete. While fast, it’s also less comprehensive and easy to game.

Sapia.ai measures more personality and behavioral traits than Traitify, as well as language fluency and proficiency, a good proxy for cognitive ability.

With Sapia.ai, you’re getting a much deeper and more comprehensive assessment of the candidate, with an in-depth profile of each candidate’s soft skills and personality to enable data-driven hiring decisions.

Your hiring process is an opportunity for you to create advocates for your employer brand. Candidates want to be heard, and they want feedback. It really is that simple. 

No consumer wants an impersonal interaction with a chatbot that’s programmed only to respond to certain commands. Type the wrong answer and what’s supposed to be ‘conversational’ becomes maddening.

Unlike Paradox, Sapia.ai’s chat experience is a guided, structured interview, over chat. It’s engaging and gives candidates the space and time to express themselves, in their own words.

With Sapia.ai, you’ll empower candidates by showing them you care about their potential while giving them personalized feedback. Stop ghosting candidates and instead, use your hiring process to create brand advocates. 

How Australia’s biggest private employer achieved a 2-day time to hire with Sapia.ai

Woolworths saves their hiring managers more than 138,000 hours per year in screening time by using Sapia.ai. 

The supermarket giant interviews 1 million people per year and hires 50,000, and uses Sapia.ai to screen, assess and interview every single one of them over a 5-question smart chat interview. 

Candidates rate the experience 9.1/10, and hiring managers can focus on making the final hiring decision armed with insights from the AI, along with a pre-recorded video interview for shortlisted candidates. 

“Using Sapia.ai, we’ve cut 10 days from the time someone applies to the day they start.”

Keri Foti – Head of Talent Acquisition, Woolworths Group.

Now that’s smart, efficient hiring. 

Read the Woolworths case study

What do you get with Sapia.ai that you don’t with Paradox?

Sapia.ai Paradox

Efficiency ROI

Off-the-shelf validated models for 50+ role families
Ready to hire in an hour
Deployment time <24 hours Up to 6 months
Language flexibility for candidates

Candidate Experience

Personalized feedback & coaching tips for every candidate 
Untimed for candidate inclusion & comfort

Hire to retain

Measure & score candidates for role-fit based personality traits & behavioral competencies 
Measure communication skills
Screening accuracy improves over time based on performance data
In-depth leadership insights to improve hiring processes including bias, efficiency & candidate experience  

Ethical AI

Rule-based models making selection criteria transparent 
Model cards for best-in-class model governance
Industry leading assessment science published in peer-reviewed scientific journals
Live 4/5ths and error rates available across all roles by requisition
Bias testing conducted at the feature level
Bias testing conducted on race, gender, age, disability and EASL

Platform features

Science-based structured interview for every candidate 
Video interview capability
Automated face to face interview scheduling Coming soon
Data sovereignty by region

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