See the Video Interview that candidates love

Finally, a Video Interview platform that quite frankly, doesn’t suck.

You want your candidates to shine, and so we designed an experience that candidates can relax into, easing jitters and allowing even the most camera shy candidate to be their best self.

With a Completion Rate of over 75%, and 9/10 Candidate Happiness, we’d bet you can’t find another video interview that candidates like more.


See our Smart Interviewer in action

A Video Interview experience

Designed with candidates in mind

With an intuitive, conversational experience, our Video Interview puts candidates at ease. Our Video Interview is:

  • Chat-based, putting candidates at ease in a format they communicate in regularly
  • Mobile-first, as it should be
  • Untimed, and candidates can save and come back at any time.

Unlimited warm ups and multiple retries further reduce jitters, and there’s no Ai in our Video platform, so candidates can be confident there’ll be no machine bias in their evaluation.

A frictionless interview process

Generating immediate efficiency gains

Our world-first smart interview process removes the friction from hiring, giving precious time back to hiring teams.

It’s super simple –

  • every candidate is assessed with incredible speed by our Ai Smart Interviewer, completing a structured interview over chat
  • the shortlist automatically progresses to a non-Ai Video Interview
  • Hiring Managers review the Video Interviews and bada-bing – offers are out!

Our Smart Interviewer takes care of screening and scheduling, leaving the valuable part of the process – the hiring decision – to those who know best, your hiring managers.



Designed for your end to end experience

Integrated, and personalized to your brand

Our Video Interview integrates easily with the leading ATS and HR tech providers, like Workday, Lever, PageUp, eArcu, Kallidus, Snaphire, SmartRecruiters, SAP SuccessFactors, and more. We can build custom integrations, too.

Everything candidate-facing is personalized to your brand and your voice, so the whole experience is seamless. 

With stats like these, your hiring process will be the best in the biz

Candidate Happiness Score, Video Interview

Completion Rate, Video Interview

Positive feedback sentiment, Video Interview

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See how our Smart Interviewer transforms candidate experience

It’s time to see it in action – our Smart Interviewer, the key to unlocking incredible candidate experience.
In less than five minutes, you’ll see the interviews & insights that are loved by more than 90% of candidates.

Added bonus: you’ll also see how it makes hiring teams smarter and more efficient. Neat.


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